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The experienced professionals at FFG are well qualified to assist individuals in implementing the appropriate risk management strategies. Whether you are protecting your family in the event of your premature death or preserving the assets that you have accumulated during your lifetime, FFG will meet with you personally to discuss your situation and goals in more detail, work with other advisors as necessary, and recommend a solution to help you achieve your objectives.

Employers will often sponsor supplemental programs (usually with premium discounts) for executives and employees to allow them to tailor their insurance coverage to meet their unique needs and specific risk tolerance. FFG will assist your employees with the coordination of their employee benefits with their personal planning.
Insurance products and services include the following:

Life Insurance

  • Needs analysis
  • Products include term, whole, universal and variable life contracts

Disability income insurance

  • Needs analysis
  • Products include individual, retirement, business overhead expense, and buy-out

Long term care insurance

  • Reimbursement and indemnity models
  • Traditional, life/annuity, and hybrid contracts


  • Products include fixed, variable, and single premium immediate annuity (SPIA)

Unique insurance needs

  • Products include international medical insurance, high limit disability insurance, and sports disability program