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About Us

Franklin Financial Group (FFG), LLC Franklin Financial Group (FFG) is a financial services firm with veteran leadership that assists businesses and individuals with solving complex employee benefits, insurance and other financial needs. FFG has successfully built a network of experienced professionals (both internally and through outsourcing) that work together to advise and service clients, guiding them toward their financial goals. In today’s global business environment, clients require more specialized service in order to make appropriate decisions and ensure the protection and growth of their wealth.

Our approach is simple.

FFG objectively analyzes current benefit trends and government regulations. The firm services your programs on an ongoing basis through personal meetings to learn about your current financial situation and your goals for later in life. FFG also keeps you advised of new or proposed laws that may affect your existing programs or that may present new planning opportunities. Ultimately, FFG gives you everything you need to make informed decisions about the most effective solution(s) to achieve your financial goals.

Specialization is now ever-present within the financial services industry. Clients need to rely on professionals who understand their unique needs and develop strategies to meet their goals.

A number of elements go into the working arrangement between FFG and our clients.

Client Interaction:

  • Determine client goals/objectives and establish needs
  • Research employee benefits, insurance and/or investment marketplace for most appropriate products  based on stated goals
  • Analyze the various options – Present recommendations in an understandable format
  • Assist with purchasing insurance and making investments
  • Monitor employee benefits, insurance and investment marketplaces to confirm the appropriateness of  existing products
  • Hold regular review meetings